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BiP Select

Bip Accredit BiP Select

BiP Select lets you, as a supplier or potential supplier to the public sector, choose the pre–qualification route that suits you.

Select Accredit: Apply for third-party accreditation

Suppliers seeking full accreditation should apply for the Select Accredit service. If you intend to tender regularly for contracts, you will save time, effort and money by applying for Select Accredit status. Your accreditation need then only be renewed once, annually.

As a Select Accredit supplier, you will benefit from:
  • Recognition as an accredited supplier to the public sector
  • Access to thousands of BiP Select and Constructionline registered public sector buyers
  • Streamlining your business to improve your overall offer
  • Improved efficiency through a single annual assessment for all tenders
  • Reduced administration
  • Competitive advantage
  • A cost-effective method of marketing your business
  • Value for money: annual subscription prices are based on your company’s turnover

Select Certify: Self-certify by completing an online questionnaire

You can choose to self-certify completely free of charge.

As a Select Certify supplier, you will benefit from:
  • Increased visibility: all BiP Select buyers can view your company information online
  • No charge for the Select Certify service
  • A centralised database for storing and maintaining your pre-qualification information
  • An intuitive standardised format for Expression of Interest data

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